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NEW! 5 Indicators of Handwriting Readiness Watch On-demand Workshop

5 Indicators of Handwriting Readiness Watch On-demand Workshop
Grade: K-5
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This on-demand workshop is designed to help occupational therapists and special educators identify five areas of focus before starting handwriting instruction with special needs students.

The term dysgraphia is often used to describe a child with poor handwriting, but the learning disorder is much more complex. In this workshop you will discover a proven process for supporting struggling students, their parents, and their teachers.
Participants: Occupational therapists, special education teachers in K-5
Length: 1 hour

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define five characteristics of dysgraphia.
  • Identify two or more challenges related to a student's decrease in written production.
  • Understand the role of OTs and tools used for diagnosis.
  • Implement three intervention strategies to improve a student's written production.
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