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Digital Teaching Tool: 2nd Cursive

Digital Teaching Tool: 2nd Cursive
Grade: 2
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The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool™ is a one-stop, digital teaching platform for teaching handwriting that works alongside our new student editions. Manage all of your handwriting lessons plans while reducing prep time with ready-to-teach lessons. Need a more specific lesson? It's flexible, so you can adjust the ready-made presentations to fit your unique classroom needs. Features include:

  • Compatible with any interactive whiteboard or projector
  • Includes digital student edition and teacher’s guide
  • Multimedia options for teaching for each lesson: digital letter and number formations, award-winning animations, music and instructional videos
  • Access to fun cross-curricular connections, supplemental lessons, and downloads
  • Designed for no prep classroom instruction
  • User-friendly platform makes teaching easy
  • Engages different learning styles in the classroom
  • NEW! Includes both English and Spanish
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Buy 20 or more Cursive Kickoff student editions and you can get HITT for $25. No mixing of student editions to meet minimum. Contact Sales for a quote.

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