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Wet-Dry-Try: Classroom Edition App (1-year license)

Wet-Dry-Try: Classroom Edition App (1-year license)
Grade: Pre-K-2
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Please note – This product represents one-year licenses for students to use our Wet-Dry-Try: Classroom Edition iPad app.

One license is needed per student using the app. The app itself is a free download from the Apple App Store. The license unlocks the functionality for each student.

Requires an iPad and an internet connection.

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Bring the multisensory genius of our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines to your iPad.

Wet-Dry-Try: Classroom Edition App

  • Provides supplemental practice with three levels of engaging, multisensory learning
  • Includes customized audio instructions and a coach
  • Helps children learn proper formation habits for capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters

+Live Insights

  • Offers comprehensive real-time links between the tablets and web analytics
  • Gives educators "live insights" into the progress of the class and each individual student without accessing their tablets
  • Helps determine which students are succeeding or struggling
ISBN: 9781939814081