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A-Z for Mat Man® and Me: Box Starter Class Set plus Teacher Digital License

A-Z for Mat Man® and Me: Box Starter Class Set plus Teacher Digital License
Grade: Pre-K-1
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This supplemental early literacy program helps your emerging and developing readers gain alphabet knowledge in a fun, interactive way. With flexible resources designed to fit into an existing literacy block, teachers can enhance their existing alphabet instruction and help students build crucial literacy skills.

This kit includes:

  • 156 Student Letter Books (6 copies of each title)
  • 26 Teacher Readers
  • Teacher's Guide 
  • Mat Man Alphabet Read-Aloud
  • Corrugated Storage Box
  • 1 Teacher Digital License

Note: Contains 1 teacher license, no student app licenses

Student Letter Books — You'll bring letter learning to life with each of our 26 letter books. Each book contains an engaging story told with an exemplar word, target letter, and pictures that provide a model for each letter sound.

A-Z for Mat Man and Me Teachers Guide — Support your differentiated instruction with each of the 26 letter books for emerging readers.

Mat Man and The Great Alphabet Parade — Celebrate the joy of learning the alphabet and unlock access to words in this vibrant read-aloud book for teachers— a great intro to the Student Letter Books!

[DIGITAL] A-Z for Mat Man and Me Interactive Teaching Tool — This digital dashboard for teachers provides access to the essentials for making each lesson a success. Assign practice work to students. Customize the letter-teaching order. And maximize the time spent in your literacy block.

New implementation workshop available! Learn how to incorporate this vibrant new early literacy program in your classroom. Experience how it effectively teaches alphabet knowledge, oral language, and other foundational literacy skills. Learn More

ISBN: 978-1-955350-13-6

Available for pre-order

This title is scheduled to be released in mid-September, 2021.

Digital licenses for A-Z for Mat Man® and Me products will be activated when the full program launches in mid-September.