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Accelerating Alphabet Learning: 8 Effective Strategies

We know that emerging readers must learn letters, letter sounds, and how to manipulate letter sounds in practical, authentic ways. During this workshop, participants will explore eight engaging strategies to effectively accelerate alphabet learning throughout the day in school and at home. The purpose of this learning experience is to help educators examine the challenges of letter instruction and use this information to help them more effectively support their emerging readers. Participating learners will identify what alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness are and WHY they are both so critically important to support letter learning. We will share practical strategies that educators and families can apply to help students learn letter names and their sounds seamlessly and purposefully throughout the day. This workshop was designed for kindergarten educators and is also applicable for Pre-K and first-grade teachers. Family members working with kindergarten children are also encouraged to attend.

Workshop Facilitator will be Heidi Anne Mesmer. Ph. D. A former classroom teacher, Dr. Mesmer works extensively with teachers, schools, and young readers, directing school-based initiatives to improve reading instruction. She studies beginning reading instruction and text difficulty and her work has been published in Reading Research Quarterly, The Educational Researcher, Elementary School Journal, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, and other outlets. She is the author of Letter Lessons and First Words: Phonics Foundations that Work (Heinemann, 2019) and Alphabetics for Emerging Learners: Building Strong Reading Foundations in PreK (in press, 2021).

She will be giving away two signed copies of her book, Letter Lessons and First Words: Phonics Foundations that Work.

Cheryl Lundy Swift is an award-winning educational leader, curriculum and professional developer, motivational speaker and educational consultant. She began her educational career as an English language arts teacher and has proudly served in leadership and executive roles for various school districts and educational organizations. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and received a Master of Education in Administration & Supervision from Virginia Commonwealth University. Cheryl is currently pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Kean University. Cheryl is the founder and CEO of EduPower and serves as a National Presenter for Learning Without Tears where she has also ideated and developed literacy products like Line It Up and Get Set for School's Language and Literacy curriculum, which received an AEP Distinguished Achievement award.

This is a virtual, instructor-led workshop. Use your own laptop or desktop to participate in this online workshop through the internet. Look forward to opportunities for collaboration with others. For the best experience, please come prepared to share your favorite alphabet learning activities. We also suggest bringing a dry-erase board and markers for demonstration and active engagement.

Workshop will be held via Zoom. Attendees will receive an email, the day prior to the workshop with a link for the Zoom registration.

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Accelerating Alphabet Learning: 8 Effective Strategies Agenda

Length of session: 1 hour with 15 min Q&A following

  • Incorporate knowledge of letter learning to enhance instruction
  • Examine the challenges of letter instruction
  • Utilize 8 hands-on strategies to support letter learning
  • Reflect and consider how to apply the learning to your practice


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