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Multisensory Approach to Pre-K + K-5 Handwriting Workshop (2 days)

Attend the Multisensory Approach to Kindergarten Readiness Pre-K Workshop and the K-5 Handwriting Workshop in this combination. Registration includes hundreds of dollars worth of manipulatives and teaching tools!

The Pre-K Workshop covers implementation best-practices on our new Get Set for School complete Pre-K curriculum. During this full-day center-based workshop, you will experience how to teach play-based lessons that will build students’ readiness, pre-writing, social-emotional, sensory motor, numbers, math, science, social studies, language, and literacy skills through a variety of child-friendly manipulatives, music, movement, and rhymes, as well as digital technology.

The K-5 Handwriting Workshop provides dynamic instruction in the teaching methodology from kindergarten through cursive. Includes an introduction to the developmental progression of written production skills, from handwriting to keyboarding!

Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.


Virtual Workshops

Hybrid Instruction

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Multisensory Approach to Pre-K
  • Implement effective, hands-on developmentally appropriate activities that incorporate the learning areas of: Language & Literacy, Numbers & Math, Readiness & Writing, Oral Language, Science & Social Studies.
  • Use multisensory activities, music, and digital learning to teach writing readiness, number sense, literacy skills, vocabulary, scientific thinking, and important sensory motor and social-emotional skills in young learners.
  • Navigate digital teaching technology and hands-on materials to facilitate engaging lessons.
  • Participate in center-based breakouts to gain practical experience in using the Pre-K curriculum.


K-5 Handwriting

  • Implement, teach, and remediate handwriting using effective, step-by-step lesson plans that incorporate active teaching, multisensory strategies, and differentiated instruction
  • Promote independent writing skills beyond handwriting workbook instruction
  • Use the Handwriting Without Tears unique instructional approach and stages of learning, and be introduced to our two handwriting assessments (the NEW Screener of Handwriting Proficiency and The Print Tool®)
  • Navigate the Handwriting Without Tears digital teaching technology and hands-on resources to facilitate engaging lessons
Included with Registration

13 Contact Hours

Free Materials
Please note: Materials subject to change without notice.

  • My First Book Set
    (includes My First School Book + My First Lowercase Book)
  • Mat for Wood Pieces
  • Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters
  • Slate Chalkboard
  • 1-2-3 Touch & Flip® Cards
  • Letters and Numbers For Me
  • My Printing Book
  • Printing Power
  • Cursive Handwriting
  • Cursive Success
  • Can-Do Cursive
  • Blackboard with Double Lines
  • Canvas Bag
  • Virtual PD Hub Membership
Day 1
8:00 a.m. Registration: Coffee and pastries 
8:30 a.m. Get Set for School: The importance of a hands-on multisensory readiness curriculum to prepare children for school success 
Pre-K Readiness: Social skills and the developmental stages of writing, hand skills, and crayon grip 
Drawing: Mat Man®, shapes, music, and demonstration 
Alphabet Knowledge: Hands-on materials, capital and lowercase letter recognition 
Colors and Coloring: Crayon skills, developmental progression from scribbling to coloring and drawing 
Pre-Writing: Wood Piece Play for capitals, multisensory activities for letters and numbers 
Writing: Developmental teaching order, trace capital letters, number skills, introduce lowercase letters, and write names 
Review and Resources: Review what you have learned, informal assessment, digital teaching tools, additional resources for continued learning 
12:00 p.m. Lunch on Your Own
12:45 p.m. Registration for afternoon session
1:00 p.m. Identify the core learning areas: Language & Literacy, Numbers & Math, Readiness & Writing, Oral Language, Science & Social Studies. 
Pre-K Math & Literacy: Identify the learning domains and participate in multisensory activities and materials designed to teach children number and language concepts.  
Pre-K Oral Language: Meet Squawker, boost vocabulary and literacy skills. 
Pre-K Science & Social Studies: Learn multisensory ways to create young scientific explorers.  
Break: Snack and beverage served 
Center Based Learning: Actively teach daily lessons using the teacher’s guide. 
Review and Resources: Review what you have learned, informal assessments, digital teaching tools, additional resources for continued learning 
4:30 p.m. Adjourn: Certificate of Attendance for 6.5 Contact Hours 
Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.