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The Print Tool

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What is The Print Tool™?

The Print Tool™ is a new, formal printing assessment to use in evidence based remediation programs With The Print Tool™ you score eight basic printing skills and target remediation strategies to specific problem areas.

What are the components of The Print Tool™?

  1. The Print Tool™ – a guidebook for evaluation and remediation

  2. Student Worksheets for Capitals/Numbers

  3. Student Worksheets for Lowercase Letters

  4. Transparent Measuring Tool

  5. Evaluation Forms

  6. Remediation Forms

Why is The Print Tool™ unique?

  • It assesses all children who are printing.

  • It can asses a wider age range than most assessments.

  • It is easy to administer and score.

  • It uses a transparent measuring tool instead of a ruler.

  • It provides remediation techniques.

  • It gives recommendations for writing reports to share with others.

What does The Print Tool™ measure?

  • It measures a child's ability to meet certain benchmark skills by age 6, 7, 8 and older.

  • The skill areas evaluated are: Memory, Orientation, Placement, Size, Start, Sequence, Control and Spacing.

  • How many children can I service with the initial kit?

  • 10, There are 10 complete sets of all forms.

How many are in the refill package?

There are 25.

  • 25 Student Worksheets Capitals/Numbers

  • 25 Student Worksheets Lowercase

  • 25 Evaluation Forms

  • 25 Remediation Forms

Who will use The Print Tool™?

Therapists and teachers will be the primary users.

Should I purchase The Print Tool™ as a parent?

Probably not. It is best if another person objectively assesses your child. After the evaluation, the teacher or therapist will go over all the worksheets, show you the results, and work with you to plan the best remediation for you child.

Is The Print Tool™ research based?

Many of the strategies and principles utilized are research based. The Print Tool™ is unique and is directly based on the authors' many years of successful practice in evaluating and remediating handwriting problems. This practice is also the foundation for the award-winning, highly respected, Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum.

Is The Print Tool™ standardized?

No, The Print Tool™ is just now being released for the first time. We are in the process of collecting data so that it can be standardized in the future.

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