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2-DAY Pre-K and K-5 Workshop (3 workshops)

Attend the two Pre-K workshops and the K-5 Handwriting Workshop in this combination. Registration includes hundreds of dollars worth of manipulatives and teaching tools!

The Get Set for School Pre-K Readiness & Writing Workshop is an introductory level class.

The K-5 Handwriting Workshop is an intermediate level class.

Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

Select from upcoming workshops:
Pre-K Readiness & Writing Objectives
  • Plan your instruction based on developmental stages for writing readiness
  • Model activities that develop important social-emotional skills, including body awareness, taking turns, and sharing
  • Practice using Wood Piece Play to teach size, shape, and position concepts for pre-writing and sensory motor skills
  • Identify how music and hands-on play can boost capital and lowercase letter recognition
  • Experience our step-by-step approach to effectively teach coloring skills
  • Use Hands-On Letter Play to build beginning habits for letter and number formations
  • Use My First School Book to help children progress from tracing their letters and numbers to writing their names
Included in Pre-K Readiness and Writing
Free Materials:
  • Readiness & Writing Pre-K Teacher's Guide
  • My First School Book Pre-K activity book
  • Roll-A-Dough Letters®
  • Stamp and See Screen®
  • Mat for Wood Pieces
  • Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters
  • Slate Chalkboard
  • Access to Get Set for School music resources
  • Canvas Bag
Free Materials

Your Registration Includes: 3.5 Contact Hours $125 in Free Materials

Pre-K Literacy & Math Objectives
  • Demonstrate developmentally appropriate activities for early number, shape, pattern, and math awareness
  • Demonstrate developmentally appropriate activities for beginning sound, language, letter, word, and literacy skills
  • Recognize ways to incorporate multisensory, hands-on materials, Discovery Play, and explicit child-friendly teaching in the Pre-K environment
  • Locate implementation strategies for differentiated instruction, including adaptations for English language learners and advanced learners
  • Identify how sensory motor and social-emotional activities are embedded within our math and literacy programs
Included in Pre-K Literacy & Math
Free Materials:
  • Language & Literacy Pre-K Teacher's Guide
  • Numbers & Math Pre-K Teacher's Guide
  • A-B-C Touch & Flip® Cards
  • 1-2-3 Touch & Flip® Cards
  • I Know My Numbers
  • My Book
  • Access to Get Set for School music resources
  • Get Set for School tote
Free Materials Your Registration Includes: 3.5 Contact Hours $110 in Free Materials
K-5 Handwriting Objectives
  • Identify the importance of incorporating the handwriting process, the stages of learning, and active teaching into a handwriting lesson
  • Model essential foundation skills prior to paper and pencil, including readiness, directionality, positional concepts, and correct pencil grip
  • Discuss how effective handwriting lessons include developmental and multisensory teaching strategies
  • Distinguish between our two handwriting assessments, the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency and The Print Tool, to evaluate student's handwriting abilities
  • Describe common handwriting problems and apply simple, effective remediation techniques
  • Review the importance of teaching handwriting using current research, the Common Core State Standards, and other standards
Included in K-5 Handwriting
Free Materials:
  • Letters and Numbers For Me
  • My Printing Book
  • Printing Power Plus workbook set
  • Cursive Handwriting
  • Cursive Success
  • Can-Do Cursive
  • Kindergarten Teacher's Guide
  • 1st Grade Printing Teacher's Guide
  • 2nd Grade Printing Teacher's Guide
  • 3rd Grade Cursive Teacher's Guide
  • 4th Grade Cursive Teacher's Guide
  • Blackboard with Double Lines
  • Access to Handwriting Without Tears music resources
Free Materials Your Registration Includes: 6.5 Contact Hours $175 in Free Materials
Day 1
8:00 a.m. Registration: Coffee and pastries
Get Set for School: The importance of a hands-on multisensory readiness curriculum to prepare children for school success
Pre-K Readiness: Social skills and the developmental stages of writing, hand skills, and crayon grip
Drawing: Mat Man®, shapes, music, and demonstration
Alphabet Knowledge: Hands-on materials, My First School Book, capital and lowercase letter recognition
Colors and Coloring: Crayon skills, developmental progression from scribbling to coloring and drawing
Pre-Writing: Wood Piece Play for capitals, multisensory activities for capitals
Writing: Developmental teaching order, trace capital letters, write names, number skills, and formation
Review and Resources: Review what you have learned, check readiness, additional resources for continued learning
12:00 p.m. Lunch on Your Own
1:30 p.m. Pre-K Discovery: The importance of self-directed discovery and explicit instruction and how they apply to playful learning
Developmental Scope and Sequence of Pre-K Math and Literacy: Developmental way of teaching to address different learning styles
Pre-K Number and Math Skills: Multisensory activities and materials to teach children number concepts, geometry, patterns/algebra, numbers and operations, data representation, problem solving, and measurement
Break: Snack and beverage served
Pre-K Language and Literacy Skills: Multisensory activities and materials that teach children alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, comprehension, writing, and concepts about print
Check Readiness
Apply What You've Learned: How to implement materials and strategies in your Pre-K environment
5:00 p.m. Adjourn